MINI ART FOUNDATION is pleased to invite you to
MINI ART FEST 8 from 1.-8th JUNE, SOFIA 2018


1st June – at 11:00 am. Opening Gala day: Celebration and gift for (The International Day for Kids in Sofia)

20 pm. Gala Performance – Opening MAF8


2nd June – All-day circus program


3rd  June – All-day circus program

20 am. Gala Performance – Award Ceremony MAF8- Gold Ant Award 2018


4.- 8th June –  Social Circus Program


The festival is part of the “Calendar of cultural events for 2018” by Sofia Municipality.
“Social Circus” is a project of Mini Art Fondation with support from the Sofia Municipality program “Europe”, French Institute, Nadezhda District and the Association “Children and Youth”.

In partnership with The Fridge Art & Social and Grozen Entertainment.