MINI ART FOUNDATION is in the public interest.

Members of the Management Board  2018:

Geo Kalev Chairman (BG),

Galina Ryom-Røjbek Member (DK)





Presents the Mini Art Festival in Sofia every year as an International Contemporary Circus festival and a multi-platform for the performance of Artists.





Social circus aims to build bridges and break down barriers between people and groups, using circus as a physical and pedagogical tool to bring people together.


To work with Social Circus is a social, physical, and artistic activity with focus on creating an environment of communication and social relations.

Social Circus in our program is a process of training in a variety of skills as it is performing and building support networks for further developments that can change the position of the kids & youth in 3 centers in Nadezhda district to incorporate them in our society in Sofia and include the sustain a joyful culture and tradition of practicing circus.


PROJECT OBEJCTIVES & STRATEGY  The general aim of this project is to develop circus practice and give new perspectives for circus pedagogy in the fields of kids and youth in and around Sofia, Bulgaria. Our focus is on discovering and improving physical, artistic and social abilities of the children and create different platforms for them to express themselves as individuals as well as in teams, with the 3 different circus disciplines: Acrobatic, Juggling and Unicycle, together with the theatrical and artistic expression workshops. During this program the Team will assist the children to develop a full show for the performance and presentation 1.June  at Mini Art Festival 8.

• Development of circus practice for everyone in this society.

• Develop a kids and youth circus performance / presentation.

• Create a network between different projects and International partners in the field to discover the reality of this education, join strengths, and help “education through circus” become valued and recognized in Bulgaria.


Social Circus – program overview
*Conducting circus-learning practices – 8 weeks.
*A Show performance with all participants in this project, will be part of the Mini Art Fest 8th edition on 1. June 2018 with the location: OneMoreCinema, NDK Sofia.

(The book Social Circus – For Hope will be presented for the first time after the performance of the project)

*Official presentation of this project (Social Circus) will be presented at Goethe Institut in Sofia  on 7. June 2018   9-13:00, 

at the International Conference, The Social Circus opportunities for developments in Sofia, under the Mini Art Festival 8 program.





                                                 AIMS   OF    MINI ART    FOUNDATION


Development of the contemporary circus in Bulgaria.

Organization of events presenting & developing the contemporary circus in Bulgaria as Mini Art Fest.

Organization of performances and dissemination of information about modern circus and contemporary Art from around the world.

Development of the Social Circus activity in Sofia, to improve the recognition, structure, quality and promotion of youth circus, as an training accessible art form for children and young people to take an active role in society and to engage in social citizenship.

Promoting Alternative Sports as the Unicycle sport in Bulgaria. Creating a training club in Sofia and turning it into an accessible and attractive   sport & a new way to move.

Working with foreign artists and international exchange of ideas, personalities and materials, projects and cooperation of Bulgarian and foreign artists and organizations in the area of Youth circus  & contemporary arts.

Organization of training practices including: Circus workshops, training practices, seminars and training forums for creative exchange.

Creation of a Contemporary Circus center in Sofia.

Establishment of a Contemporary Circus School in Sofia.

Participating  at International programs or with organizations working for the development of circus arts:

Art activities, Social circus, Circus training’s, Performances, Workshops.

Active partnership with International organizations with similar activities for the societies.



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