COMBINO PROJECT is an innovative project that explores the combinations of genres in art and their sharing in a social environment. At its core are artists who create in the sphere of circus, music, dance, theatrical play.

„We’re doing something like a show, but not exactly, or rather something like a performance or a theater that includes acrobatics, juggling, fire, dancing, contact movements, towers,

shouting and even pinching. We also leave a loophole of freedom to do what we think „in the name of art.“ This could also be defined as a game. Play among all. The goal is for people to be filled with a sense of dynamism and diversity. Thus, the game is always different, because everyone perceives it differently. No one knows what’s going to happen – a sound from an instrument or flying object or man. This may seem strange at one time, but it is definitely worthwhile if you take a closer look. „


Dario Tabakov, Vyara Bolgradova and Victor Teofilov.

From Bulgaria

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